In May 2015 Food Genius Academy introduced a Bio-temporary restaurant. Al Cortile. It was opened along the EXPO2015 and soon became a great success, hosting dinners, various events and degustations.

The aim was to achieve a balance between the creativity, quest for new gourmet experience and professionalism of skilled chefs. The best students who graduated from Food Genius Academy management and cooking courses, were invited to participate in Al Cortile project.

The restaurant’s schedule since opening has been busy with events featuring the best Italian and International chefs, like Anthony Genovese, Kobe Desramaults, Paul Andrias Ziska, Federico Zanasi Alessandro dal Degan and many more.
The setting of historical building and picturesque interiors give the Al Cortile its unique character.



The Food Genius Academy space is an inspirational, light-filled loft of 200 square meters, placed in the picturesque area which hosts showrooms, offices of young architects, designers and artists. The combination of art, cuisine and fashion creates a magical environment.
The gate to Al Cortile is located in Via Giovenale 7 in Milan, with a guarded parking available for its guests.

Next to the Al Cortile, Food Genus Academy has its headquarters (Viale Col di Lana 8). These two locations allow one to experience the unique historical atmosphere of Milan and the postwar Italy.